In church, looking after kids is my job probably my favorite part. My special ability is that i can make any crying child stop. I distract them, make faces, trick them, before the preacher gives a righteous glare.

So I was looking after my cousin (2yrs old), and after a few minutes of scribbling on her hand, my hand, her skirt and all over my bible, she got restless and wanted to go to the back of the church where her mom was. And so here’s how our conversation went.

Me : Esther, Please sit down… Church will get over in few minutes, if you stay here I have a SURPRISE for you!

(This is when you widen your eyes)

 She thinks for a couple of seconds

 Esther : a ‘Chocolate’ surprise????



She wanted to know what it was in advance and still wanted a surprise!

‘Conversational’ Movies

I just completed the ‘before sunrise’ trilogy, and it is the best trilogy in my opinion.

Off late I have been thinking about why I love some movies and why some scenes linger with me for a long time. And I have come to the conclusion that I love ‘Conversations’ in movies. And by that I don’t mean talking or dialogue between the characters, but those long ‘talking’ sessions revealing their character or even mindless banter will do. But I do hate it when characters speak two lines to each other and start making out.

Here’s why I love these movies

I personally love conversations in real life, that was the highlight of my college life when couple of my buddies used to talk for hours on end on life, god, love, anything that fascinated our amateur minds. Sometimes we discussed on really deep things. But about that in another blog.

So I’ve figured out that it’s no wonder that I love ‘conversational’ films (Is that a thing?)
For me that’s the only way of connecting with people. And also films like these can offer a third perspective, because I talk with someone, I talk with my Ideas, and I try to perceive the other person.
But in a Film when I watch the conversation I am able to see as an outsider the two view points of people and that allows me to retrospect my own assumptions and lines of thought that I use while conversing.

And also I think that long conversations are the hardest for actors to pull of. The long scene in before sunset when Celine and Jesse talk while walking on the streets almost gave me goosebumps. Those are the scenes I absolutely love. As well as the long winding car scene in ‘Copie Conforma’ when both the protagonists talk while driving slowly revealing the status of their relationship and past. ‘Before Midnight’ has a similar car scene which goes on for 11 min and it is absolutely brilliant as well.

I can go on forever about these kinda movies, but I’ll stop now. Let me know if there are other movies that I should watch.



The sky swallowed a swoop of time,
Making him sweat and smell
Like a fish on dry land.
Drops of lime on the marked stone
awakened his breath,
then slowly faded away
“Isn’t past over”, mused he
Careful not to step on the slime.
Answered none as he went in two ways,
at once.
The end was getting closer,
He could smell the sun.
Resurrected, he began to run.
The road disappeared at a pond.
It was murky.

Negative space

Recently when browsing through a myriad of articles, i came across a theory which explored the possibility of dimensions in addition to reality we perceive. I thought it was truly fascinating. Imagine dimensions far beyond human comprehension co-existing or maybe complementing our ‘reality’.
To illustrate this further, lets imagine the Cartesian co-ordinates. Just the x and y axes. The possibilities are lines, curves and flat images. Imagine being that line. You could never comprehend or speculate that there is a greater dimension beyond your reality. The simple addition of a third axis exponentially increases the possibilities. Similarly what if there are more dimensions co-existing in our space. I would like to call it ‘negative space’. The space in which we are not there. The space which is not seen. The space which does not exist,
to us.
We are able to explain gravity but not why gravity exists in the first place. What is the force behind it all. Science explains reality in, laws and theories, but why does these laws exist in the first place, who made them. Who is the ‘first cause’
Maybe the answers out there, we are yet to figure it out.

or maybe the ‘first cause’ is right next us, existing among us and we don’t even have a clue.


It is a small room on the upper floor. A winding staircase leads up to it. Its a small room, with wooden floors and a slanting ceiling; it looks more like a cabin. The sunlight from the only window casts a warm glow on the wooden floor as the evening sets in. Scribbles and patchy artwork decorate the walls: houses, rivers, clouds and stick-people seem to be the repeated themes of the sketches. A tiny table takes up space in a corner of the room. Curiouser and curiouser objects keep piling on the table from time to time. A frog croaks from the lonely glass jar, announcing its presence unabashedly. A few pulled out grass leaves and pebbles try their best to recreate a somewhat natural environment to the frog in the large glass container. It was earlier used to keep berries. Lots of berries.
Other than the crumpled bed with a two fluffy pillows; a book shelf and a shelf for clothes takes up the remaining space. With just enough room to navigate from the bed to the door, everything from Tom Sawyer to socks and is just an arms length away. Everything which is curious around the house and the unknown world outside somehow find their way to the all-accommodating-table. Stamps, pictures, toy parts, sticks, erasers that look like a frog, rubber bands twisted on a wooden spool, buttons that are big enough to be coins, teeny tiny chalk pieces and much more are piled up on the wooden table. The room is cluttered but doesn’t look annoying for some strange reason. The creaky door has posters of Spider-man, Scooby doo, and Dexter’s laboratory.
(takes deep breath)
How I wish I had grown up in this room.